Love Difference Pastries - The sweets

Love Difference Ice-cream, by Michelangelo Pistoletto

For the occasion of the 51. Venice Biennial of Art and the World Summit on Information Society in Tunis Michelangelo Pistoletto and Love Difference - Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic - presented the new ice-cream of halva flavour (sesame pastry, common in the Arab countries of the Mediterranean and in the Balkan areas). The recipe of the ice-cream has been shared with the free knowledge logic, i. e. the free spreading of knowledge. The Love Difference Ice-cream represents the cultural passport for joining the different cultures in the Mediterranean area and making them closer, through the experience of tasting.
The idea of the ice-cream represents the cultural passport to put in relation and connect, through the taste, the Mediterranean cultures.

(4 servings):
3 egg yolks
200 ml double cream
350 ml milk
sugar as you like
70 gr halva
you can use different kinds of halva (pistachio, nuts, chocolate) to give the ice-cream different tastes. .

September 6th 2008, Gothenburg (Sweden)
The artist Josefina Posch served the Love Difference Ice Cream during the opening of the exhibition "Eat me, drink me" at the Roda Sten.

Further information: Love Difference Ice-cream project