Love Difference Pastries

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Video by Maite Vitoria Deneris

Gastronomy represents an opportunity to activate intercultural creative meetings and add value to cultural differences. Love Difference invites confectioners, chefs, artists to create sweets, with the aim of creating Love Difference Pastries in Mediterranean regions.

Origins of the project:
For the occasion of the 51. Venice Biennial of Art and the World Summit on Information Society in Tunis Michelangelo Pistoletto and Love Difference - Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic - presented the new halva (sesame pastry, commonly used in Arab countries in the Mediterranean and Balkan areas) flavoured ice-cream (go to the Love Difference ice-cream). The recipe of this ice-cream has been shared with the free knowledge approach, i. e. spreading know-how for free. Love Difference Ice-cream represents a cultural passport that joins different cultures in the Mediterranean area and brings them closer, through the experience of taste.
The concept of the ice-cream leads to the Love Difference Pastries project, which will cross all the Mediterranean areas, activating through creativity, intercultural increasing the value of difference.

The project is addressed to artists, confectioners, bakers, chefs, creatives, who are interested in the realisation of an artistic project which aims to promote the meeting and the dialogue among cultures, through the distribution of new sweet recipes around the Mediterranean countries, made by the Love Difference confectioneries. Love Difference suggests the authors of the recipes to establish contacts with a pre-existing channel of sale (restaurant, bar, confectionery...)

The sweets will be presented at the meeting Gelato e Dolci Love Difference come passaporto culturale (Love Difference Ice-cream and sweets as cultural passports) on 22, 23 and 24 February 2008, at the CAMeC Modern and Contemporary Art Center in La Spezia.

Love Difference Pastries