developing new creative projects for social change

Love Difference, through artistic workshops of shared interdisciplinary project planning develops a method of cultural production for the socially responsible transformation, that is transferable and shared.

The programme initiates from the research on methodologies of relations between art and society, "Methods" (see Methods in the Studies section), and is developed in collaboration with the Love Difference partners, amongst whom are: Artway of Thinking; Asiles, actions et solidarités interculturelles; GAMB+I Groupo Autoditata de Metodologias Bem + Inteligentes, Gudran Art and Development; Out and Isola Art Center; Post Programmed City Territory and many other groups, entities and institutions.
The workshops organized since 2005 involve interdisciplinary groups, and have been developed as creative processes through the sharing of diverse talents and skills. The workshop programme transfers an interdisciplinary methodology model that is horizontal, based on the practices of learning by doing towards the regeneration of social contexts and the activation of new creative processes for the common good.
The talent and skills acquired by the participants during the workshop are important and useful work tools for the organisation and management of cultural initiatives in diverse disciplinary, interdisciplinary and intercultural fields.
The workshops are conceived with the aim of making alternative points of view emerge on the territory and of creating new relations through art, activating transformations and producing changes of points of view on reality: all base elements within the process of cultural growth.

Montevarchi, 2011
Experience Love Difference
Philadelphia, 2010
Creative Dialogue
Marsa Open Centre - Malta, 2009 : ética y estética
Barcelona, 2008
Practices for intercultural dialogue
Cittadellarte, 2008
The city is one of us
Bari, 2008
Who are you?
Brussels, 2008
Art for social transformation
Cittadellarte, 2007
The big social game
Rome, 2007
da cose nasce cosa...
Gorizia / Nova Gorica, 2006
WSIS Tunis, 2005
Love Difference Products
Cittadellarte, 2005
Art - City - Society
Venice Biennale, 2005
Identità Love Difference
Novara, 2003-2004