Love Difference is a network of institutions, organisations and individual people who are committed to providing society with a new model of cultural integration through art and creativity.

Love Difference, an association supported by Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, selects the most interesting and sustainable projects which, through creative means, are able to make a contribution towards resolving present-day social problems and open new areas for thought and research on multiculturalism.
Projects which focus their research specifically on the socio-cultural effects of globalization in the Mediterranean basin.

Love Difference networks projects in which art interacts with the various areas of society (politics, economics, production, education etc.).

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Identity at the Centre
Mediterranean Cultural Parliament
Mediterranean Carpets
Love Difference pastries
Love Difference ice-cream
by Tal Adler
by Katia Kameli
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Free culture and free knowledge in Farkadona
Un record per Pellestrina
Centro Love Difference Milano
Dejan Kaludjerovic
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