Love Difference Pastries - The sweets

Pita: Transform Sweet,
   by Network Nomadic Architecture


The Network Nomadic Architecture declares his participation in Love Difference Pasties with the “Pita: Transform Sweet” project. The hospitality and the cultural dialogue are two concept that appear from this project and contemporaneously set it.
Bases of our proposal is a sweet “pita” (a species of cake or tart cooked in different Greek places with different materials, depending on the Region, the age and the special circumstance) with ingredients referred of the recipes of the ancient Greek and the Ellen tradition, like the “melòpita” of Sifnos, sweet cooked in some holiday, like the Easter. We propose this sweet with shapes of abstract votive sculptures, made of paper, inspired at symbol of ancient hospitality and diversity divinity.
Through this involvement and our information of different community that exist in the most panoramic Region the group will visit them and will offer our sweet.
With this action we hope that our implication with the different community, gives the possibility to transform the sweet through their recipes and suggests, finally enlarging the concept of hospitality and exchange.

for 6-8 persons

4 eggs
50 g of fine sugar
1 spoon of every day flour
500 g of fresh ricotta
60 ml of thyme honey
70 g of Corint raisins
70g of minced nuts
½ spoon of minced cinnamon

:: Beat the eggs in a bowl, incorporate the sugar and the flour and mix properly until smoothing the mixture.
:: Afterwards put together the cheese, the honey, the nuts and half of the cinnamon and mix properly. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees.
:: Pour the mixture over the paste in the form and rub up the surface with a wet knife.
:: Put the form into the preheated oven and bake the pita for 50-60 minutes until it turns golden.
:: Remove the pita form the oven and pulverize it when still warm with the remaining cinnamon.

Network Nomadic Architecture

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The Network Nomadic Architecture is an open research Laboratory located in Athens, which considers issues dealing with the urban ground, areas in crisis, displacement and marginalization, public space, as well as social gender. NAN activates itself throughout the city's body.
Since 2004 it has been self organizing in-situ projects and lectures and has participated in various events like the “Egnatia Project” in Salento by the Osservatorio Nomade, the exhibition “The people’s choice” in Milan curated by Marco Scotini and the 7th Bienial Internacional de Arquitetura de Sao Paulo.