Love Difference Pastries - The sweets

The Sweet Ship, by Ingeborg Bodzioch


The story of my own ancestors inspired me to create this sweet.
The vessel is important as a cultural and historical metaphor as well as an actual means of transportation throughout the Mediterranean and further a field towards the North Sea which has been a trading route for over 1000 years. The cultural exchange over the last millennium(s) has caused and created interesting recipes throughout Europe and the world.
The recipe combines a traditional Norwegian recipe (the vessel) with ingredients from the Mediterranean (cargo).


150 g Butter
150 g Sugar
2 Eggs
100 g White flour
2 tbsp Cognac
2 tbsp Coffee
50 g Chocolate powder
:: Cargo:
Yogurt or ice cream with Almond croc quant and fruit preserve of oranges or apricots
Glazed orange peel for decoration

:: Recipe will make a dozen biscuits.

Ingeborg Bodzioch

Curriculum Vitae

Ingeborg Bodzioch. As a professional artist my main inspiration is to be found within the domestic environment of feminine landscapes. Cooking and baking are amongst the traditional activities which form such realities. I work in a variety of media to create site specific environmental installations which may create privileged access of understanding of the self, the other and being in the world. Sharing and preparing a meal is one of the most profound human activities of inter subjective experience.
This is my first attempt at bringing a culinary experience into my works of Art.
Previous I have mainly worked with domestic vernacular objects, multimedia collage and textiles. My work is always rooted within philosophical puzzles about life in general as well as theoretical issues related to human behaviour.
I am therefore delighted to have been selected for the Love Difference event! Especially since inventing and savouring new & old recipes together has been a tradition in our family for generations.