Love Difference Pastries - The sweets

SaltySweets, by Franco "The Confectioner"


These sweets, created by Franco especially for the Love Difference Pastries project, combine the differences between sweet and salty, melting into a delicious chocolate biscuit, full of taste and surprises.


400g of butter
550g of caster sugar
250g "Modica" plain chocolate drops
450g of plain flour
2 eggs
200g of “Bronte” pistacchio nuts
100g of “Modica” dark cocoa
400g of Moroccan peanuts
6g of salt

Mix the ingredients like a crumble, leave to stand overnight in the fridge, serve cut into 4x4cm squares, 1.5cm thick.

Curriculum Vitae

Franco is a long time confectioner with his own pastries shop in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS). Invited by Maurizio Rossi, a close friend of Love Difference, he has developed the SaltySweets, which he sells in his shop and prepares also for special occasions.