Love Difference Pastries - The sweets

Gleless, by Gudran
    Water - sugar - lemonade … And whatever you want to have.


The concept of pastries is connected to the relationship between pastries and childhood.
They make us happy, however how different the cultural background we have lived in is. As well, this happiness remains when we grow-up and eating sweets can therefore extend dialogue between us.
Our concept as artists is to use basic components of pastries of most cultures: sugar, water and lemon. That is in order to make a simple pastry that acquires its special flavor relying on materials available in the place it is made in. So, its flavor in Egypt will be different than in Italy, depending on the materials every culture likes to add. Moreover it is accepted and probable to mix flavors and create new ones.
This simple pastry can be made by everyone, starting with basic ingredients like water, sugar and lemon.
We also aim to make use of materials used by artists, chefs and other pastry-makers who will be present in the meeting.
We want to try with all participants to make a performance on a Sunday morning in one of the city parks, to get our ideas closer to the people and inhabitants of the city.


:: 2 Kg – Sugar
5 l. – Water
:: 50 ml. – Lemonade
150 g. – Cinnamon
150 g. – Ginger powder
500 g. – Mixed Nuts
100 g. – Chocolate sauce
150 g. – Coconuts
150 g. – Butter
150 g. – Sesame
200 g. – Sesame oil
200 g. – Almond oil

- 4 normal Kitchens’ Cooking utensils, 2 liters
- 2 medium scoop, 2 wooden cooking spoon
- Normal stove
- 4 small plates
- 2 scaled measuring cups min. 500 cm3
- Some other normal kitchens’ tools

Just put water and sugar together on the stove, in the ratio of 5 to 1, and keep on stirring. With the start of boiling, add a drop of lemonade. Very little salt would give good results. Then add any flavor you like. Put the pastry in any mould you want after rubbing it with sesame or almond oil. Put some nuts on the surface and wait until it gets cooler. Now, share the others eating it.