- The European Union Identity Trading Game

Project by Dejan Kaludjerovic promoted by Love Difference
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EUROPOLY - The European Union Identity Trading Game
is a project by Dejan Kaludjerovic developed in collaboration with Love Difference and Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto with the support of the European Cultural Foundation.

EUROPOLY is a research project starting from a game questioning public and private identity of migrants coming to European countries, analyzing chance and demands coming from European Union laws. The project aim is to enlighten the reflection among the human condition in the European Union, due to the enlargement of borders and many contradictions existing within rules and matters of fact.

Europoly Portable Game Version gives people the opportunity to play comfortably at home.
An integral part of Europoly Portable Game Version is a booklet including texts by philosophers, sociologists, curators, art critics, historians, economists and artists. Their contributions play an essential role in interrogating the multiple layers of the work itself as well as extending the dialogue regarding and beyond European identity.

The game is promoted in the form of a “playable” installation in exhibitions, airports, train stations, as well as using marketing strategies, such as advertisements and billboards.

It is in the intention of the project to make invisible people among us more visible. Raising questions among the opportunities offered by entering the EU and the struggle to match certain requirements imposed by laws, the project doesn't intend to provide any answer or judgment, rather to remind everyone of us that behind systems of laws there are people living their everyday life.

EEuropoly - the Union Identity Trading Game is a research project starting from a game questioning public and private identity of migrants coming to European countries, analysing chance and demands coming from European Union laws. To wider spread the content and make the project more successful, Love Difference and Cittadellarte decided to propose the artist an exhibition tour, choosing locations accordingly to the specificity of places and countries and relaying on the net that Love Difference has established abroad, based on the value sharing for a social engagement. Our aim was to rise discussion about the new social identity shaping in these days, and subsequently about immigrant’s life conditions; to bring awareness about situations that too often are left unnoticed, due to the speed of our contemporary daily life and to encourage people to have a more direct and less dreamy approach to social integration matters.
In order to better achieve our intentions, we choose the exhibition locations where the context itself could add a natural extra value to the project’s purposes. Therefore, we tried to have a balanced presence of European Union and Extra-EU countries, where to exhibit Europoly.
Each country have a peculiars attitude and policies on immigration concerns, therefore each place was responding differently to the project. Even from a more general point of view, the proposal of Europoly in specific countries took over different level of provocation, unveiling good and bad situations.

The exhibition tour has been possible thanks the support of ECF and the partnership of A+A Gallery, Contemporary, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Eigenheim Galerie, Mimar Sinan Univeristy, Museum of Belgrade.

Europoly on tour, official events
Europoly on tour, collateral events
Aside the official events, the board game of Europoly has been invited to be presented in the context of other important events:

Papers about Europoly

A series of critical essays about the issues raising from Europoly has been collected. The texts are now available in PDF format.

Schengen Bears, by Mileta Prodanovic EN SC IT
A new patch for the world game, by Suzana Milevska EN  
Cogito ergo Europe, by Shinya Watanabe EN  
Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union EN   IT

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