Being Singular Plural speaker profiles

M. Pistoletto, artist: the vision of Third Paradise, man in harmony between nature and artificial world, the new birth of an era of change

M. Paolettini, physicist: statistical mechanics of non equilibrium systems, open systems – thermodynamics and possible new meanings, “More is different” Anderson

L. Wenger, Hoffman method teacher: the individual and his inner complexity/plurality, the necessity to find inner harmony to reflect and create harmony “outside, whole is bigger than the sum of parts

I. Conde, sociologist: social systems; identities and individuals; plural senses for the singular

P. Cunha e Silva, scientist and philosopher: the body as a metaphor of how Nature could be prepared to receive the idea of difference, and the way how Nature embodies Culture with that proposal

S. MacGuinnes and O. MacGuinness, artist and therapist, Lived Lives project: art as an instrument of reintegration, creation of social relational spaces and rebuilding of harmony from a deeply problematic issue such as suicide through communication + therapeutic support to the involved figures

F. Thiene and S. Mantovani, artists, artway of thinking: co-creation methodology, group participatory processes, systems of relations among actions and subjects






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Love Difference - Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic