"A series of pictures collected through facebook show how the act of sharing is natural"

Every day we share knowledge, experiences, perceptions; this makes us rich and feel better. If also today you shared an experience, show it with a picture and publish it on Love Difference facebook timeline. Let’s show how the action of sharing is a fundamental practice of transformation and growth.

How to take part:

• Find a person or a group of people that have shared somethings with you (experiences, knowledge, emotions, perceptions)

• write I SHARE o WE SHARE on a piece of paper or card board

• take a picture of you and the other person with the notice I SHARE o WE SHARE

• post the photos on Love Difference facebook timeline and write the names of people in the picture, what you were sharing, place and date

Partnership: Action in the context  to the exhibition Cittadellarte Sharing Transformation at the Kunsthaus of Graz. All those who post photos will have a free entrance to the exhibition.







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Love Difference - Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic